event.org is a company set up to organise events for individuals or organisations who are too busy to devote time and the crucial attention to detail required for successful event management.
  event.org's 10 point plan to successful events can help you by:
choosing a venue or using yours
speaker/exhibitor liaison
marketing and managing the PR
looking after your delegates/guests
handling your promotional materials
liaising with sponsors and other exhibitors
event management on the day
ensuring the smooth running of your event
being whatever and wherever you want us to be
post event evaluation
the partners of event.org have extensive experience in event management having previously run a successful conference and training company.
event.org will allow you to concentrate on your core business/activity while we make sure that your events run like clockwork.
Look here for forthcoming events. Please also look at our current training programmes and course examples.
EVENT.ORG  30 St.Philip House, Lloyd Baker Street, London WC1X 9BD, tel/fax: 020 7837 7982: mob 0777 323 2220, e-mail us.